Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 Art Journal Quilt Challenge

I found they are having an Art Journal Quilt Challenge this year over at the Three Creative Studios site. They are using Flicker: Three Creative Studios Journal Quilt 2011 to update photos of each mini quilt. I went ahead and signed up as a member there.

It has been a long time since I posted anything here at my Art Quilt blog. I ended up putting away the things I had prepped to do for this blog and haven't looked at them since. But recently I've been thinking about it more. I decided I could try to accomplish two mini art quilts each month. I will dig out the things I had prepped before and see about updating my ideas to work on this type of tactile fabric art again. At this point I'll leave what is here at this blog in tact, but may decide to update this blog as I move further along with this as a project.

I've been looking at organizing my time differently so I can be more consistent in accomplishing things I have on my mind. They are all good things, but I want to focus more on some specific things and work from lists for a change. I have fallen into the bad habit of just going from day to day working on things that come to me . . . more on a whim than a plan. I had been thinking about my process in December and wanted to make some changes to be more direct, planned and organized with my time. Here it is already mid January and I have not done very well to implement those ideas. Hmmm . . . no matter, I'll start anew.

My plan is to create and post two mini art journal quilts here on my blog, then link to the Three Creative Studios site. I had cut some materials, long ago when I started this site, to use as a base for my mini quilts. I'll have to see what size I made those. I think they were for 8" mini quilts. When I saw the announcement for the 2011 Journal Quilt Challenge I was thinking 12" size mini quilts. That will be something I need to think about. I want all mine for this year to be the same size and orientation. Square would be best for me.

Okay, off to go un-earth my supplies and re-prep them for easy access. More about this later when I have some new info.