Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Snowmen For All Seasons Progress

October Snowman
It has been awhile since I posted anything here on this blog. Just thought I'd update my progress on stitching out these embroidery designs. Here is the October snowman.

November SnowmanAs you will recall, these are from the Anita Goodesign line of embroidery designs. They are from the 'Snowmen For All Seasons' collection. This one is the November Snowman.

December SnowmanHere's Mr. December. He was 'lost' among my stuff for the longest time. Funny thing, I knew I had sewn him out, so skipped on ahead to the others. Later, I 'found' him stuck between some sheets of stabilizer I had pre-cut.

January SnowmanThe January Snowman holds his snowshovel while enjoying his visit with this little bird on his hat. If I were to sew this one again, I would make the bird another color, or change the background fabric to something else besides white. I think the bird gets a bit camouflaged being so close in color.

February SnowmanFebruary is filled with hearts and romance for Valentine's Day.

March SnowmanI used a gold metallic thread here. There were a few issues with the metallic. I switched to a different needle a couple times to prevent thread breakage. I ended up doing most of the metallic gold with a larger eyed top stitch needle. There are a lot of layers the thread needs to sew through. Metallic is subject to so much abrasion with the applique layers as well as some areas of multiple thread layers.

April SnowmanI am absolutely in LOVE with this snowman! I think the big wide smile and body language portray such joy at the rainfall depicted in this design. Love the little rubber duckie, too!

May SnowmanMay is all about Mother's Day so here we find Momma with her little ones.

June SnowmanAnd who doesn't enjoy the abundance of summer flowers in June. I went with some pale green in a few areas of this design to represent early plant growth with a paler color of green. I might change that to a slightly different light green if I were to re-do this one. But it's not too bad, so I think I'll go ahead and use this block anyway even though I'm not entirely pleased with the thread colors I chose.

I am still considering how I will put all these embroidery blocks together when all twelve months are stitched out. Three more months to go. I want to use them all together in a large embroidered quilt. It will probably have patchwork sections or strips of fabric between the blocks to fill in the background. The idea hasn't jelled in my mind yet, so I'm not exactly sure which way I'll go with it. The mystery will be unveiled sometime . . . stay tuned for another post about this.

Another Type of Embroidered Leaf

I went to the Anita Goodesign Embroidery Event hosted by a local sewing store in Bismarck last fall. This is one of the designs we worked on. Each participant who came got to take home a CD of designs to sew at home. This leaf design was one of those on the CD. One of the things I like about this is the candlewick-type stitches that run diagonally on the design. It would be a good design to embroider through the layers of the quilt to do the actual quilting that holds it all together. They showed it on placemats that were very attractive to look at.

I started this post so long ago when the event took place, but have yet to use this design. I was considering it for another project with leaves. But . . . I need to pace myself. I have so many projects started that need to be finished before I get going on another one.