Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lazy Sunday

I've been enjoying my lazy Sunday. All I can say is my internal clock must be messed up because I have been staying up late (with insomnia) and getting up late (what with the staying up late) the last few days. Don't know what's up with that. But it's okay since it's the weekend I'm just taking it easy and going with the flow of things. Tomorrow is different. I'm planning on setting my alarm clock to get up on time. I've got my regular Sew With a Friend Monday coming up tomorrow. That's always a fun day to get together, chat and sew in the morning. Then we do lunch. Then more sewing, chatting and fun in the afternoon. It makes for a great day.

I've got five more blocks to go with my Dazzling Dogs quilt. That's on the agenda for tomorrow. I might even work on a few more blocks tonight. I think I'll be doing some of the blanket stitching and detail top-stitching on the blocks tomorrow. I still need to decide on color choices for the sashing strips then get those cut and pieced.

Stitch An Art Quilt banner update image.Hey how do you like the new banner? I thought it was time for a change. This one coincides with the quilt I'm working on now so it is much more appropriate. I like to keep updating those banners from time-to-time to keep things fresh. It's so much more fun to see something new once in awhile. This banner is from my Garcia block. I photoshopped the eyes in place since I don't have the stitching and buttons sewn on it yet. I'm still pretty new to using photoshop. This turned out good for use as a banner.

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