Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Doggie Quilt - Progess Goes Slowly

'T.C.'This is the applique quilt I have been working on with my friend, Deb, on our Monday Sewing Days ever since I injured my finger. So far I have all the dog block patterns drawn onto the fusible web in pencil. These five blocks are the ones I have coordinated fabric colors and fused into place so far.

I am limiting myself to a miscellaneous collection of fabric and an assorted pile of fabric scraps. This should help to limit color choices a bit. I want a scrappy, somewhat country/cabin look to the quilt, but I don't want it so scrappy that every piece on it is from a different line of fabric. My fabric stash is pretty large. Thus I felt it necessary to limit the color choices. It should help the overall quilt be more consistent and unified. This block, 'T.C.' is the first one I put together. Naturally it's because we have two chihuahuas and I think they are such cute little dogs.

FrankieHere is Frankie. Notice how all the dogs have glasses. I think that's a cute detail that Amy Bradley (the quilt designer) came up with as a design device. And each pair of glasses is unique to the dog. What a clever idea. I recently located her blog on the web as well as her website where some of her other patterns are shown. Once there at her site I was snooping around through some of the pages. There is a page showing other quilter's Dazzling Dog quilts from this same pattern. Perhaps when I finish mine I will email a photo and have mine displayed along side these others.

GarciaI have chosen a batik fabric for the backgrounds of most of my blocks. There are a couple that are prints that coordinate. I'm going for the country/cabin look and trying to stay with more nature inspired prints and colors on my blocks. I usually stay away from the brights as I think of them more for children's quilts. I guess I'm not that much into brights. That theme wouldn't fit so much into my house at this point. Who knows, that could change over time if I ever had any grand kids some day. The theme on this doggie quilt should go well with my vintage travel trailer once I get one. I'll do a sewing/cabin theme to my trailer when I get it.

PrissyAll right! Here's Prissy, a cute, blinged out poodle. The pattern shows bling from crystals on her glasses. I'm definitely doing bling on these dogs when called for. I've got heat-set crystals here at the house ready and waiting to be used on a project. Hopefully I'll be able to spread the love around with the crystals and work them into most of the blocks. I was just thinking that might not perpetuate the country/cabin look, but nah . . . older style, traditional country music singers were always blinged out with crystals and rhinestone. It should fit right in!

SkipperThe last dog (for now) is Skipper. This canine was shown on the pattern with a lighter color, white fur coat. I happened to pick up the tan colors and decided to go with it. I'm not sure just yet what I think about that since it isn't very true to this breed of dog, but it's not really a realistic quilt so doesn't really need to be that true to life. I'm exercising my artistic license to change dog coat color when I chose. Oh, and about that license . . . I once read in a book that every artist should actually make up their own copy of an 'artistic license' for those moments of doubt when we wonder if we are making the right choices. It seems kind of strange, but that kind of "permission" to work with that kind of freedom of expression is a good thing. Maybe that is something I should actually do . . . make up an 'artistic license'. I could be an authentic, card-carrying artist!

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  1. Your dogs are so cute. I love Amy's designs. I've been using her note cards for years and always receive comments on them from my friends. Thanks for sharing.


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