Saturday, July 11, 2009

Accidents Happen

Ouch! I have a boo-boo.I got bit by my Rattlesnake quilt. More precisely, by the rotary cutter as I was trimming my paper-piecing on my Rattlesnake quilt. I cut off half the fingernail and a bit of the tip of my right middle finger. Thankfully I was with a friend at the time rather than sewing by myself. She was able to help me drop everything and get to the walk-in clinic. Man, something like that really shakes a person up. At the clinic I was told I shouldn't have too much of a scar visible once the nail grows back over that area. There certainly are a lot of nerves that run through your fingers. I was prescribed some pain medication. Thankfully that takes the edge off, but I've managed to ding it a few times already. I don't like taking too much of the pain killer because it makes me loopy, nauseous and sleepy. However, I've been taking it enough to ease some of the sting so it's not so bad. I get the heebee jeebees just thinking about it. (Whoa, Shudder!)

So the quilt making is being put on hold for a bit. I'll have to find something else I can do while waiting for this to heal up.

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