Monday, June 15, 2009

Paper Piecing Black & White

Lilac bush blooming in front yard.I love the smell of lilacs when they start to bloom. This photo was taken about a week and a half ago. Sadly, most all of the blossoms have fallen to the ground following a couple days of rain and wind going through the area. There are a few blossoms left on our lilac bushes and also some bushes around the neighborhood that happened to bloom after the rain. It's fun to take the dogs walking and catch a whiff of lilacs on the breeze. That's one of the perks of summer for me - the scent of lilacs on the breeze.

I've started work on another quilt. This one is a paper pieced quilt pattern I am making up with black and white fabrics. I plan on adding bright, vivid pops of color in the corners when it finally goes together. It will take a while to do the paper piecing so I have time to go through my fabric stash to review what I have on hand. I hadn't planned on purchasing more fabric since I have so much on hand at this time. But this black and white quilt seems to call for some pops of color. At the very least I'll throw in a variety of reds. I know I have plenty of them on hand. But what I had in mind was a collection of other colors like blue and greens. I'll wait till the piecing is nearly done before I make the final decision.

Karen Stone's Rattlesnake Quilt pattern.The pattern is called 'Rattlesnake' by Karen Stone. It consists of a football shape made up of triangles. I have collected a variety of black and white fabrics. I decided it was finally time to do something with them. This will be a great use for these prints.

The pattern was written for use with flannel fabrics, but I chose not to go that way. I think the cottons will be so much nicer to work with, less bulky at the corners. Besides, I've got way more selection of cottons than I do flannels.

I'll work on getting some photos taken and posted this week to share my progress. This is the quilt I've been taking along to do some sewing at a friend's house. We sit and chat as we sew. Once you get into the swing of matching the shape to fit the paper piecing areas it starts to become a 'no-brainer' sewing project. It takes a little thinking at first with paper piecing since you are sewing from the back side to follow the stitching lines on the paper, but after a few pieces are sewn into place your brain gets adjusted to working from the back side of the piece. That fact alone is usually what throws newbies on paper piecing. If you catch onto the working from the back technique you'll do great and love to paper piece. If not, you'll hate it when flipping the fabric proves you sewed wrong. It's one of those love it or hate it kind of projects. I like the fact you can make intricate designs very accurately by just sewing on the lines.

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