Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Black & White Rattlesnake Quilt

My black and white Rattlesnake quilt progress so far.Well I took some time to snap a few photos from my sewing studio last night. Here's a picture to show the progress on my Rattlesnake quilt so far. These football shaped paper pieced segments are all various prints from my stash of black and white fabrics. It's kind of relaxing to sit and sew as it is a fairly simple paper piecing pattern. I haven't hardly made a dent into the stack of B&W fabric. While further sorting some stuff a couple days ago I ran across some more to add to the pile.

I love the graphic quality black and white fabrics present. It reminds me of my younger days when I first went to university in Illinois taking Graphic Art and Fine Art classes. In one of my classes we had a series of assignments dealing with black and white pen and ink drawings. The assignment was to look around in nature and find elements that could be used as inspiration, then translate that into a visual piece using black ink on white drawing board. I loved that assignment as there is so much in nature to visually inspire the work. Talk about reminiscing, it makes me want to go take a look through the few things I saved from that time period to see if I still have anything from that assignment. It would be fun to see them again. I wonder if they would actually look like anything I'm 'remembering' now. Memories can be so fluid and changing at times; it probably looks nothing like what I'm imagining in my head.

Some of the fabrics in the photo come off looking more 'gray' than black or white. This is an illusion with some of the fabrics as they are really a mix of the two separate colors. However I did include a few pieces that do have some gray tones in them. I've also got a few fat quarters and half yard cuts of fabric that have cream color with black rather than white. I'm good with adding the gray at this time, but undecided about including the cream and black fabric. I was thinking about making up a few football shapes using them and throw them in with the mix, but have not decided if it's worth it yet. Even the gray has a tendancy to mute the overall look rather than have that graphic pop of the two distinct and opposite colors.

I think another reason I like the black and white prints is because I have always liked comic strips since I was a kid. They were often done up in just black and white. The drawing styles and graphic elements are what gave them character and charm. I have always been fascinated seeing the drawing styles of comic book and graphic novel artists. Speaking of that I was browsing through some blogs and ran across a talented comic artist's work on Loobylu. There is currently a link to Lucy Knisley's work that shows her charming cartoon characters and a bit about her life. You will need to scroll down a bit to find the entry. It's in Loobylu's post dated May 23rd. Here's another link to Lucy Knisley's website.

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